Canvas Channels: Types and how to select them for your company

If you have already read some of my texts about the Canvas Model. You will have seen that and how to there are several modules that you must go through to complete the structure of your business. This time I want to focus on the channels you are going to use to transmit your value proposition and get it to customers. As you complete this value proposition and get. To know the customer segments you want to reach, it’s time to approach the channels . In the Canvas Canvas you will have to answer a very important question: how to make your client aware of your value proposition, through what means and methods. Although I have already given you some examples throughout the text. I am going to present you a specific business with some of its key resources. This is a florist that offers home delivery through the internet and at a store.

What are channels in the Canvas model?

This is simple: channels are the means through which you are going to connect your company with customers . They are used both to promote your products and to deliver them, but don’t think only about means of distribution. Any element Turkey Phone Number List of contact between both parties is consider a channel, whether it is a website or an event. These channels play a fundamental role in the Customer Experience , something key for the image of your. Brand and for the customer to become recurring. Knowing how to define this purchasing experience will also be important to be able to choose the most appropriate channels for your business. Through distribution channels you can get your products and services to the market . This does not have to be a customer and end user, but also a store or another different distribution network.

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Canvas Channel Types

Channels can be divid in the Canvas Model in two main ways. According to their function and according to their belonging to the company . Let’s start with the differences regarding their function within the organization, and then talk about Philippines Phone Number List whether they are direct or indirect. According to its function Communication These channels are used to connect your brand with the market and your consumers. From here you can publicize your products or services, inform about your value proposition and generate interest around your company. They are also the best way to offer customer support and after-sales services. Within this group, you can find various formats, such as those responsible for the distribution and physical storage of your goods or third-party stores. Multi-level platforms are also part of this framework, as well as franchises or affiliate groups.

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