How to implement a Canvas Model in your business

A useful tool for and the self-employed, as well as a valuable source of information, divided into nine blocks It is complex to define the essential characteristics of a business . Success is the result of connecting all the internal and external media that influence daily life. Sorting them helps the businessman focus on the true needs of the business . The Canvas Model consists of nine points, in which various areas of the company are analyzed . Next, we will explain how to implement it: Customer segment It’s about identifying the target audience we want to attract. This task involves a lot of research work, since we will have.

In the event that we open a bowling alley, our

Would be divided into three main groups: families with children, young people between and years old, and USA Phone Number List professionals of said game. In this case, three avatars would have to be built for the first group, we will name a couple with children who are looking for a place where their children can have fun. Regarding the second group, we will study an audience that is looking for an alternative weekend plan. Finally, in the third scenario, we will describe a federated user who wants to compete with others of the same level of play. Through this analysis, we begin to empathize with the user, which will allow us to provide.

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With this data, we are going to point out what needs

We can satisfy. A bowling alley is a leisure center for all ages. Offering a space for birthday parties can New Zealand Phone Number List cover the problem of many families celebrating these types of events. If we want to attract young and adult audiences, we can offer special prices and discounts. Finally, organizing tournaments of greater or lesser level will allow us to gain the loyalty of those clients who understand this discipline as more than just entertainment. Channels How are we going to reach our client ? And attract the user? How do we make ourselves known? Communication channels are relevant for the business to function.

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