The PARKS: Africa’s largest sustainable city

The urban project that we will discover in this article was created to be a reference point in largest sustainable city sustainable cities. It is call THE PARKS , and it is planned with the highest standards in sustainability. It covers an area of ​​, hectares in the eastern region of South Africa. And it must house some , homes, for a population of , inhabitants. The use of alternative modes of transport, such as bicycles and electric buggies , is also promot. That’s why there will be km of tracks for running and cycling. There is a transportation service with electric vehicles that connects with the city centers and facilities. There is also a km equestrian track circuit. The Parks is a city that has integrat ICT technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) into its infrastructure. The idea is to improve efficiency, intelligence, and collaboration in its services and networks.

General characteristics of the city The PARKS

The PARKS city has the world’s highest standard for sustainable living . It is capable of providing % of the energy, water, and food, thus becoming a self-sufficient destination . The homes are distributed in a total of twelve Japan Phone Number List residential districts. But this plan also provides areas of medical, tourism, entertainment, commercial, and educational services. This modern city is plann to have an automat and digital economy, with the majority of jobs in green technology. In total, more than , jobs will be creat during its construction, and once it is operational. The PARKS design contemplates a city without cars, and without carbon emissions. It includes outdoor fitness areas , sports fields and courts, public areas for art and concerts, as well as community agricultural plots. Green spaces will be the heart of the development. That is why there will be a km long multifunctional green column, with community parks that will connect residents with all the centers of the development.

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Sustainability in The Parks plan

The PARKS is planne as a city that will provide the highest standards of sustainability in planning, construction, and operation. We are looking for a smart city with zero carbon emissions that addresses the three pillars of sustainability in Bolivia Phone Number List a balanc way: social, economic, and environmental. Various tools and analysis methods were use to optimize the project, creating a sustainability summary divid into categories. The city will produce its drinking water in the same place and will recycle for irrigation. A zero waste strategy will also be adopt, and the use of single-use plastics will be bann. Organic waste will be used to produce biogas as an additional energy source. The cooking oil will be recycl into biodiesel, and us as fuel for future expansions and development phases. The city will also adopt D construction printing technology to minimize waste and improve efficiency. In terms of food security, innovative methods such as vertical farming and aquaponics will be use to produce food.

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