How to do Keyword Research Using Ahrefs

We have covered Ahrefs in some of our previous posts, such as how to use it to solve keyword cannibalization, along with an in-depth review which takes a look at its features. One of the best features of Ahrefs is the Content and Keyword Explorer, which allows you to find the best keywords and related content that helps generate more traffic to your website. With that in mind, here is a short guide on how to do keyword research using Ahrefs. If you want to try out Ahrefs for yourself, you can avail of its services by going to their site. You can also take a look at their new Blogging for Business course, which is truly helpful in helping your blog grow.

To get started with doing keyword research

All you have to do is to access the Keyword Explorer. From there, you would be able to enter a certain number of keywords. For this example, I’ll be Turkey Phone Number Data entering “Google” as my keyword to get things going. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer After entering the keyword, you now proceed to a new page that contains all of the data from the keyword that you entered. You get to see important details such as Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, Clicks, and Global Volume. Scroll further down and you get to view the SERP position history on websites that use the keyword. This will allow you to see the rankings from a certain period in time.

Ahrefs SERP Position History Along

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You would also be able to see related links in which the keyword is present. For this example, I used the keyword “laptop for sale”, which brought in a Brazil Phone Number List lot of links from e-commerce and shopping websites. Ahrefs SERP Overview Along with getting the overview of keyword search volume, you also get to look similar keywords and phrase matches even further. Phrase Match allows you to view related keywords, along with important details such as search volume and cost per click. Ahrefs Phrase Match With the Keyword Explorer, you get a robust research and analysis feature that allows you to find the best performing keyword for your website. Content Explorer After successfully doing your keyword research, the next step is to look for content related to your keywords.

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