What is a business consultant and their functions

To have a prosperous and profitable business it is no longer enough to be on a main street or and their functions have the best website in the sector. The client demands much more. You are going to have to build a structure around your business that makes the customer choose you and bond with them. The role of the business consultant is to help you generate this structure. Before continuing, I want to tell you something that is important. The consultant will never know more about your business than you do. You must know your business. The responsibility of this professional is to study, analyze, propose and execute or supervise. But with a clear objective, to make your business truly an option for customers.

What is a business consultant?

Well it depends on who you ask. For some he is a champion smoke seller and for others he is a professional who will make you get the best version of your business. This is a reality that we must not ignore. And the thing is that in the market Norway Phone Number List there is a slightly distorted image about what it means and, above all, what a consultant should have. A few years ago, in El País , they published an article that began like this: “When I arrive in the morning I turn on my Mac and check my email, make some forwards and send Excel attachments; After minutes the assistant always appears, who usually orders me a chart of the previous day’s allocations. I give you a result that is as exact as possible and sometimes even a list of pay outs. At around in the morning I’m already down.

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What does a business consultant do?

The only objective it should have is to help your clients have your business. In their minds as the best solution for their problems or needs. The rest is fireworks. It is increasingly difficult to compete in the market. Even sectors that had legislation South Africa Phone Number List in their favor, such as taxis, have undergone a change in a very short time. The speed at which deals are close is directly proportional to the new opportunities that the market presents. This has made it possible for businesses with just a few years of life to achieve turnover that years ago was only reserve for large companies. Businesses that represent authentic revolutions in their sectors and that change everything. The objective of the business consultant is to facilitate the work of adapting your business to new scenarios. It is something so simple, but at the same time as complicate as this.

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