The best fixed mortgages of March

What have we taken into account to select the best fixed mortgages for March? To establish which are the best fixed mortgages for March. We have analyzed the total price of each mortgage : its nominal interest rate (TIN). The products that must be contracted to access the minimum (subsidized) interest and the commissions. The equivalent annual rate (APR) allows us to see the annual cost of the loan for a given amount and term . However, not all banking entities use the same amounts. And terms to carry out the calculation, so it is not a completely reliable indicator.

The best fixed mortgages of March

Here we will tell you which are the best mortgages for March that we can find on the market. It is essential to make it clear that, although these are the cheapest mortgages on the market today. It does not mean that Kazakhstan Phone Number List they are necessarily the best you can get if you know how to negotiate with the bank. However, the ideal thing if you are in a product is to request information from the banks to access a loan that fits your profile. imaginBank mortgage First of all, we have the imaginBank Mortgage, which has an interest rate of for years. To have access to this type it will only be necessary to domiciliate your payroll, which will have to have. A minimum amount of per month , keep in mind that it can also be your pension or professional income. It offers financing of up to of the purchase of a primary home, with a maximum repayment period of years.

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Openbank Fixed Open Mortgage

The Open Bank Open Mortgage offers an interest rate of between for years and for years. To be able to access this interest you must domiciliate the income. Take out home and life insurance from the bank, use a credit card from Benin Phone Number List the entity, open one of its funds or pension plans and subscribe to gas and electricity supplies. with Repsol. It offers a maximum financing of of the purchase of a primary home , it will be if it is a second residence . In addition, it has a return period of up to years. The best thing is that it allows you to reduce the interest by more points if you request , euros or more. However, to access the subsidiz interest you must purchase up to seven associat products. It can be a good option if you can accept the bonus that the entity offers you.

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