ChatGPT vs Google. Will it be the end of the Google Giant?

Although Google monopolizes % of the Internet search engine market. It is currently on alert for the it be the arrival of ChatGPT. This is because the new system create with OpenAI’s artificial intelligence brings. A new way of searching on the Internet, while Google has been doing the same thing for more than years. The novelty of ChatGPT is base on creating responses with artificial intelligence in a precise way. In this way, when a user asks a question in the chat, the AI ​​is responsible for generating text to offer a concise answer. It’s really amazing to see how everything responds with a high level of precision. For this reason, it was all the rage on social media and gaine more than a million subscribers in just five days. Therefore, if Google does not start making some changes, ChatGPT may end up cornering the search engine market. The truth is that this has put Google on alert.

Is the end of Google coming?

It is very hasty to announce the end of Google, but without. A doubt the time has come for the most use search engine in the world to make some changes. With the arrival of ChatGPT. A new era begins in the way of searching Malta Phone Number List on the Internet, and Google cannot be left behind. In fact, Google is testing this type of artificial intelligence but is putting it on hold because it considers that it does not fit well with the advertising system it uses. For some time now, Google has been looking at how to properly integrate AI into its revenue system . It is expecte that at the May conference it will make the announcement about its advances around artificial intelligence technology. Anyway, keep in mind that, like any other language model , ChatGPT is not perfect and can make mistakes or not correctly understand the context of a conversation. However, it is amazing to see how he offers answers in a quite natural and assertive way to everything one asks him.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model develope by OpenAI, an Artificial Intelligence research laboratory founde by Elon Musk. This is a variant of the GPT- (Generative Pre-trained Transformer ) model. Which is one of the largest and most Netherlands Phone Number List advance language models currently available. It was designed specifically to be use in conversations and chatbots, and is capable of understanding and responding. To questions and comments in a natural and coherent way. To explain it in a simpler way, ChatGPT is a website where one has to register to be able to use the chat. This chat is operate with artificial intelligence to provide answers to its users. The language model uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques to carry out conversations with humans.

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