The employment contract

The legislation contemplates dozens of types of employment contract A variety that often becomes a puzzle for both the company and the worker. Today we will talk about the employment contract . Spanish  and created almost . Jobs last year. A good part of job creation in Spain falls on these types of companies. And yet they are often not clear about the best formula to fill a given position. To choose the type of contract . The first thing is to analyze the need that must be covered and from there choose the type of contract that best suits. To make that decision you would have.

What day do I need? (partial, complete

Fixed-discontinuous. Etc During how much time ? (temporary or indefinite). clauses of the Spain Phone Number List employment contract Good advice Allowing yourself to be advised is key when it comes to the employment contract . Entrepreneurs. Especially small and medium-sized businesses, do not have to be experts in labor matters. They should seek advice on these issues to know which contract best suits their production needs. Depending on the type of activity.The duration. The worker they are looking for In this week’s entry we are going to see what are the main characteristics of the most common contracts in Spanish.

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In the event of termination of the contract

For objective reasons. Compensation of days per year of service is provided. If the dismissal is declared Singapore Phone Number List unfair. The employer must pay compensation equivalent to days of salary per year of service. Up to a maximum of monthly payments. As for the trial period , it cannot be longer than six months for qualified technicians, nor two months for other workers. In companies with less than workers, however, the trial period may not exceed months for workers who are not qualified technicians. Temporal agreement In general they can be half or full day and there are three common formats : Work or service The maximum For.

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