How long does it take to sign a mortgage?

Mortgage delay Applying for a mortgage involves, in addition to a series of costs, time . However, it is difficult to say how long it actually takes to sign a mortgage . In other words, how long it takes the bank to grant the mortgage loan money. Here we will analyze the basic points of the process: How long does it take to grant the mortgage? First of all, it is necessary to be clear that there is no official estimated time between the selection of the home, the delivery of documentation (contracts, income, work life, among others) and the bank granting the mortgage. This is probably one of the most difficult steps . Depending on the type of home you select , the price will vary, and so will the percentage of financing required to purchase the property.

Apply for the mortgage

This is one of the most important steps, since the way in which. We will get into debt with the bank for years will depend on it. At this point, the client must be clear about a series of steps that will help speed up the process. Compare mortgages It is essential to compare the options offered by different banks . You can do it in a traditional way, that is, go bank by bank in search of the mortgage that best Croatia Phone Number List suits your profile, or use an online mortgage comparator. Take out a mortgage online or traditional The reality is that the time it takes will not be the same if we carry out the process online as if we do it traditionally , that is, by going to the office. If we choose to carry out the process in a physical office , every time we need to go to deliver documentation, among others, it will be necessary to make an appointment . This means that we will depend on the bank’s timing.

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Signature before a notary

Finally we reach the last step before obtaining the mortgage to buy our home. After receiving the formal mortgage proposal, the client. Will study the proposal for ten calendar days. On the other hand, you also have the obligation to go to a Romania Phone Number List notary to make sure you understand everything before signing. This means that this last part will have a duration of around ten days minimum. In summary, from the time we deliver the required documentation until we sign the mortgage before a notary, it can take approximately three months. So, the mortgage delay is around three months. Process delay summary The client analyzes the conditions of the loan and goes to the notary: calendar days. Mortgage signing: days maximum, after reading the conditions with the notary.

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