How the New Google Image Update Helps Increase

. This update has divided users of Google’s service, as it made searching and downloading images a slightly longer process than before. While the previous update may have dismayed a good number of users, this new update enhances the Google Image experience Helps Increase by adding title tags to the images that they are looking for. This new update aims to not only provide additional information and context, but also allow users to explore and discover content that is related to the images that you are looking for. The Update at a Glance The new Google Images update Helps Increase is released for the Google mobile app and on mobile browsers, which is a sign that Google is shifting its focus on mobile search. This is a good sign for mobile users, as it points to websites improving their page performance on mobile formats.

Google Images can now be used as another way

Let us look into the update. When you search for images in Google Search, the title of the article that the image is posted on will appear. Google Images Russia Phone Number Data Update Title Tag This brings in a new dimension when doing image searches , as you not only look for images that you need, but also discover informative and insightful articles that may prove to be useful. This update may be simple at a glance, but it opens up more opportunities for different websites to gain more traffic. Taking Advantage of the Update With this new update, to look for content.This will allow your images to be found on Google Images, and is an effective way to increase traffic.

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This is a simple yet very impactful step that helps your rankings significantly, and with this new update, its importance has now been emphasized Canada Phone Number List much more. Image link building is another solid approach that you can take, as these links would direct to other webpages within your website, which further increases traffic. Key Takeaway As simple as this update may be, this can be a potential game changer, as users would be able to instantly have an initial idea of what the webpage contains other than the images themselves. 2018 is another busy year for Google’s tools and services. With updates like the Google Speed coming in the next few months, expect more from the search engine giant. If you have questions and inquiries about SEO, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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