How These Two Updates Changed the SEO Landscape

Every now and then, Google would announce updates and tweaks into their metrics and algorithms, to which SEO professionals would respond accordingly. These updates were made to optimize Google’s performance, and ensure that users are getting the best information possible. While most of these updates would only mean minor tweaks into your SEO campaign, major updates, like Google Vince and Google Venice, have caused major changes that can still be felt today. Here are how these two updates changed the SEO landscape to what it is today. Google Venice: Going local Before this update went online, the method that you have to use to track your local search listings is through Google Places.

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This allows your search results to show some local listings based on your IP address, or even your physical location. This allows you to be able India Telegram Number Data to look for the closest businesses and establishments near your current location, which comes in handy when you are travelling or planning a place for a meeting or an event. This has helped local SEO in a big way, as local businesses are now able to gain more traffic and visibility, which helps them compete with larger and more established businesses. Google Venice also made using Google My Business much more important, as local businesses are able to track their local SEO and .

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While this may have been considered by , it has caused such an impact that it affected the SEO industry. This update was meant to improve the search Indonesia Phone Number List quality of Google itself, and further enforce the value of branding in the internet. This benefited some of the biggest companies, along with government sites, which are seen to have more authority and quality information compared to smaller websites. Despite the apparent dominance of these brands in search results, this prompted other websites to improve their quality, and create content that is trustworthy and high quality. This has helped businesses gain more footing in search rankings, and has helped create websites with better overall quality, and keep harmful and misleading websites in check.

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