How to configure event parameters

Visualize event parameters ion GA4 Furthermore, you can. Incorporate these parameters in Looker Studio reports,. Enabling you to analyze and examine the information according to specific. Business objectives and requirements. For example, the following image shows. You through the page_url parameter, in which page the file_download. Event is happening: Looker Studio event parameter visualization. Another example would be the following slide, which shows. You specifically, by the form_id event parameter, which. Form has been submitted specifically on a webpage. Looker Studio event parameter visualization 2. To add the parameters to Looker Studio, it is necessary to include them. As dimensions and the events or conversions as metrics.

How to create reports to visualize

In this case, you can also include the dimension Region to see configure event parameters each region’s most popular searched terms. GA4 – search term parameter and region GA4 also provides a series of DB to Data predefined parameters, which can be modified if the user is interested. This is done in the same area where GA4 allows modifying events. To do so, go to Admin > Events > Modify Event. GA4 – modifying existing events  event parameters If you want to analyze this new information, navigate to Explore > Reports, with the parameters as the dimensions.

This will help you identify

DB to Data

The variables of the data layer will provide you with all those that are triggered. the different parameters that includes that action within the website. For example, you can see the Crypto Databas following triggered variables for this Link Click. All of them could be set up as : Triggered variables How to configure event parameters via GA4 Although creating new via Google Tag Manager is strongly recommended, GA4 also allows creating or editing existing directly within the tool itself. In cases where the event is automatic or enhanced measurement, you can often do it directly from Custom Dimensions via GA4: New custom dimension – GA4 GA4 – search term parameter The search_term parameter, for example, will let you find out what users search for in the search box of your own website.

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