Images in answers, Carousels and Knowledge

Try to use images that are not too small (the search engine could confuse them with thumbnail images). Nor too large (to avoid users having to wait for them to download). ) Try to get the words around the image on the page to put the photo in context by using the title and page headers. Additionally. The text surrounding the image must also correspond to it. Those associated words are very likely to impact how a search engine understands the image. It is also a good idea to use a caption contained within the as a “div” tag along with the image. Many people who display images on a page don’t take that much trouble.

How do rich content responses work?

If Google relied on the text it found accompanying images on the Internet to get an idea of ​​them, the results may not be very encouraging. The type of categorization described in that Bolivia Phone Number List document is more likely to refer to the effort to label and organize images that we see today , rather than what we had in the past. Users of search systems often search for an answer to a specific question, rather than a list of resources. The patent is: Rich content for answers to search queries Invented by Gal Chechik, Eyal Segalis, Yaniv Leviathan and Yoav Tzur Assigned to Google US Patent  Granted: August , Registered.

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Answers, not informational resources

Systems for providing rich content with an answer to a query in the form of a question. The method includes: Receiving a query identified as a query in the form of a question Switzerland Phone Number List and a relevant response generated. Generation of a contextual query that includes an element related to the query in the form of a question and an element related to the answer. Sending the contextual query to a rich content search process and receiving data specifying a first set of rich content items in response to the contextual query. Determining the first rich content element in the first set of rich content elements that meet.


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