The importance of local SEO to compete in your city

Anyone who has a business in a city may think that it makes no sense to invest time and money in their presence on Google, because when they do a search they appear competing with Internet giants like Walmart or Amazon. That list of results is useful when it comes to general searches, but the local environment is a completely different matter. Local searches are an excellent tool that helps businesses find new customers, but to be a winner in this process you must first master some concepts. Let’s look at the most basic ones. What are the advantages of local SEO? In addition to the benefits that we have already mentioned, obtaining better visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS), there are other advantages that arise from this strategy.

What is local SEO?

As you should already imagine, this type of SEO refers to the optimization of sites to improve a company’s visibility in local search results. Open Google and search for “best Italian restaurant.” In all likelihood, the best restaurants in Italy Spain Phone Number List will not appear, but instead, restaurants registered as Italian appear that are close to where you are when doing the search. Therein lies the strength of local SEO. A business of any type that has its website optimized for queries within its own location will have much more visibility on the Internet than its competition. The results that appear from local searches generally respond to the phrase “near me” and the search engine interprets that you must search for something “in the same city” where the query originated.

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Why is local SEO important?

Statistics show us that almost % of all Google queries are local searches. The search engine generally shows the websites of companies located nearby in the first results. In recent years, search engine algorithms have begun to provide more Australia Phone Number List geographically related results to searches based on factors such as proximity, relevance and prominence. In other words, if your company or business is close to where someone makes a query, Google will show you a list of local companies (yours included) that meet the search. So if your website is optimized, new customers are very likely to find it. That way, that person is more likely to request more information or even make the purchase directly online.

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