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You may need the help of the two systems. Here are some common situations where you may need the help of middleware: Manage repositories and data lakes Handle complex system integration Handle data that requires significant transformation before adding it to Salesforce Integrate asynchronous systems Middleware helps you serve multidirectional solutions with efficiency and security. This allows you to build many integrations without being intimidated by the complexity. In addition. Middleware often acts as a buffer between multiple integrations. It protects your master system and allows it to run its batch jobs in case of the failure of the contributing system.

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Regardless of the system you are integrating with Salesforce and the tool you are using for it,. Never assume that you will not face security issues along the way. Even if you have a robust system in place,. be able to deal with issues like data Phone Number List breaches if they occur at any stage of your Salesforce integration project. Security issues may arise due to faulty connectors. lack of maintenance of encrypted certificates. or lack of following Salesforce security techniques when writing custom code. Always ensure that your protected data types are well encrypted, and watch for unintended data exposure to end users.

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The Salesforce integration project contains several features that may result in unwanted system and security exposure. It is important to recognize these aspects and prepare your team to handle potential risks. Improved Efficiency 9. Governor Limits. Or Avoid Crypto Databas API Call Limits To successfully execute a Salesforce integration project. It is important to know the CRM solution well. Because of their multi-tenant architecture. All Salesforce organizations used by each business are technically part of the same Salesforce organization. Salesforce protects all of its organizations by enforcing limits on data usage and storage.

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