Augmented Reality and Local SEO Looking Into The Future

Notable examples of successful augmented reality applications include the game Pokemon Go, Google Translate, Amikasa, Quiver, Holo, and Yelp Monocle. Among the mentioned applications, Pokemon Go has seen the most success, with over millions of users worldwide, making it a surprise hit. With the success of these applications, it would not be surprising that it other industries would tap into the technology.With SEO in mind, here are the best ways to implement augmented reality into your local SEO strategy.

How will AR help your business

Other than making it easier for users to navigate through different cities and landmarks and find their desired locations USA Phone Number Data also helps boost search traffic and website dwell time as well. It is common for users to search for a website of an establishment to inquire and look into their services, and then find the location in a map service. Augmented reality can also be used as an interactive marketing tool as well. Interactive advertisements viewed through AR lenses will soon become more common. Take Adidas and Converse, for example, where they used augmented reality for users to virtually try out and fit some of their latest shoes.

How to optimize for Augmented Reality

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Optimizing for augmented reality is wholly similar to optimizing your business for local SEO. We have touched on these topics before, and here Australia Phone Number List are some key steps that you should do in order to prepare your business for augmented reality: Optimize your Google My Business listing – One of the very first things you need to do when setting up your business is optimizing your Google My Business listing. This means adding all of the crucial details, which include business address, operating hours, and contact details.  This makes managing your online reviews on Google and Yelp is crucial and ensuring that you attain good scores lies in your business’s actual performance and weeding out negative reviews that only aim to attack or harm.

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