The Bank of Spain will ensure that the banks comply with the mortgage agreement

What is the mortgage agreement? This is aid to mortgaged families due to the escalation of the Euribor . The Council of Ministers a regulatory package for one million vulnerable and middle-class households, with incomes reaching up to , euros per year. The objective is to help the financial situation of many families, caused by the rise in interest rates. These measures seek to reduce the mortgage burden of households. On the other hand, there is an attempt to have greater certainty in the level of spending in the medium and long term. In this way, the margin of action of the Code of Good Banking Practices is so that the measures are not only direct at vulnerable families, but also at those middle class households that are at risk of vulnerability.

Adhesion of banks and compliance obligation

The Code of Good Practices for mortgage debtors at risk of vulnerability. Was voluntary adherence by banks , like the code for vulnerable debtors. However, the reality is that banks are oblige to comply with them once sign. The Bank of Australia Phone Number List Spain and the mortgage agreement The governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos, has indicat that, this year. Conduct supervision will be responsible for paying special attention. To the actions of banks within the framework of the measures approv to alleviate the impact of the rise in interest rates on mortgage. Loans on primary residences. This is why De Cos has urge banks to provide their services with transparency between the parties. In addition, he that undue exclusions should be avoid in access to banking products and services, fundamentally those that are basic in nature.

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More tools provided by the Bank of Spain

On the other hand, the supervisor plans to enable some tools on its website. The main objective is to provide information to citizens about the applicability of the code of good practices. Also, a tool guide for mortgage debtors in payment difficulties Nigeria Phone Number List will be publish. Simulators will be launch to provide information on the eligibility regime and access to the. Measures of the code of good practices and, in addition, on the impact of the proposals on the conditions of the mortgage. Finally, the Bank of Spain will announce a list of contact points for the State, autonomous communities. And more local entities for the provision of services to citizens with difficulties paying for their habitual residence. The governor that the banking business is on public trust . This is a point that cannot be obtain solely with solid assets or adequate risk management; correct behavior and quality service are also necessary.

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