Their Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels

During a short period in early November 2017, the number of featured snippets went down, while the number of knowledge panels went up.  This month, however, Google once again updated their Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels. These updates help expand the two to accommodate more content, which helps give users more reliable information. Here are some extra details that you need to know. More Characters for Featured Snippets One of the most notable features of the update is that the character count has increased for featured snippets.

This is a more dynamic feature

The maximum character count is now at 320, which means that users would be able to see longer descriptions on their search results. Although Greece Telegram Number Data this might signal a lot of people to update their meta descriptions to accommodate to the changes, it is best to stay put. One noticeable detail is that the number of characters that show up in the search results actually depends on the search query itself. This means that if you have a long meta description, that means it would show up better in the search results. that helps display information better. More related information on Knowledge Panels When we addressed the issue regarding knowledge panels in one of our previous posts, we were concerned about the quality of information that they provide. The purpose of having knowledge panels is to provide you with extra information related to your search query.

Impact on SEO Despite the fact

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Google’s update optimizes this feature by showing more related topics and suggestions that can help you with whatever you are looking for. This not Iceland Phone Number List only helps bring in better search results, but also help the users discover more content. that Google now provides more characters in their search entries, it is not necessary to update your meta descriptions, as Google also tends to use the text of the article itself on certain occasions. The improved Knowledge Panels allow more convenient and efficient searches, which you can use to your advantage through effective linkbuilding strategies that can help users reach your website and content.

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