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Comments  we are financing Guarantee societies (SGR), key instrument for financing self-employed workers and entrepreneurs in SGR ? What is that? Guarantee companies are a key instrument for financing any business project. The key to starting a business project is learning how to find financing . It is, by far, one of the most expensive initial processes that an entrepreneur faces. Approaching an investor with confidence and knowing that your project has a future is the only way to attract attention. And therefore, it is necessary to learn to finance yourself. Not only because of dealing with investors, but also with public organizations and financial entities. Without financing, there is no project. Society and Guarantee.

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Entrepreneur and those of a company in development or expansion . We are an option, an alternative demonstrated by our results, which is added to that of traditional Morocco Phone Number List financial entities and to the aid of the Administration. SGR financing People In total, in Spain, , guarantees were formalized during . A figure that, without a doubt, has contributed to the maintenance of more than , jobs , which supports the financing of the existing guarantee companies . Iberaval was once again the one that provided the most guarantees and, for the first time, the one that formalized the most amount: million euros . Furthermore, the financing provided by the currently benefits mployed.

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Active credits and loans worth , million euros of outstanding risk. Strength So we are a real financing USA Phone Number List option. Our strength lies in the fact that we are like you . We are businessmen. We know what we do and how we do it . We managed, in collaboration with financial entities and the Administration , to improve the conditions and repayment terms on loans and creditsDoes it compensate? We must bear in mind that the tax bill for personal income tax is much higher as a self-employed person than for corporate tax based on a certain income scale. On the other hand, there are no differences in the tax Security taxes per.

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