Best radio programs for entrepreneurs

Today I bring you a list of radio programs for entrepreneurs that will give you some very interesting ideas and advice. And SMEs and entrepreneurs in this country are a great economic engine, but you probably already know that. % of the companies operating in Spain are SMEs , which represents two thirds of private employment and more than of the Gross Adde Value. Pay attention to the radio programs for entrepreneurs that I show you below, and allow yourself a break during the week to listen to some of them. In each of them I will detail the time slot in which you can listen to it (although most are no longer on the schedule), but you can also access the different chapters through their websites.

The Bar Counter – Capital Radio

We start with La Barra del Bar , a radio program for SMEs in which José David Fernández will sit down to chat with different businessmen. A conversation between friends , in which stories will emerge, they will remember different Hungary Phone Number List anecdotes, give their opinion and even reflect on the current situation. This interesting Capital Radio project addresses dozens of topics of general and professional interest in a direct, inspiring and informative style. But personal aspects are also discuss, small pleasures, details that allow us to see these businessmen as normal people like anyone else. After Work – Capital Radio Monday to Thursday from : p.m. to : p.m. We’re still on Capital Radio, but now we’re going to afterwork with Eduardo Castillo. In this program you will hear from professionals, freelancers, SME managers and entrepreneurs tell their experience in different ways.

Phone Number List

We make numbers – Cadena Ser

Within the well-known program ‘La Ventana’ by Carles Francino, we found a small section direct by Santiago Niño Becerra. In addition to analyzing the economic news of the week (back in ), a space was also opene for new projects and USA Phone Number List entrepreneurs who had an original idea. In chapters of between and minutes, you will have access to different opinions and experiences that you can apply in your daily life and how to face your next challenges. Entrepreneurs in the Wave – Onda Cero off grill Although this section was broadcast as part of the Alicante en la Onda program, it can be heard without problems throughout Spain thanks to the digital files of Onda Cero. Directe by Luz Sigüenza, it allowe one entrepreneur each week to present their project.

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