Capitalizing on unemployment: From zero

The unemployment From zero situation is not very encouraging but the capitalization of unemployment can be one of the great solutions Today on the Iberaval blog we will explain one of the options that arise when we become the single payment of unemployment in order to create our own job. To start working on your own and leave the unemployment situation, an alternative is self-financing. The capitalization of unemployment is an alternative to study. Without a doubt, with more head than heart. Because it is , it is no less real. Pre-crisis, crisis or post-crisis There are many variants and almost all of them.

Request unemployment benefit

What is it? Which are the requirements? I’m  Reality Capitalization of unemployment is, by definition, the collection of unemployment Israel Phone Number List benefits in a single payment to start a professional activity. This formula seeks to promote self-employment initiatives in people who receive unemployment benefits and who intend to join an already cooperative or labor company , become a self-worker… In short: undertake. Create a company. Today, it can be by all people who are receiving a pension due to permanent termination of their employment.

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Beneficiary of a contributory unemployment

And have pending receipt of at least three monthly payments as of the date of application for the single payment. The beneficiaries of the benefit for Iran Phone Number List cessation of activity must have pending receipt of at least six months. Not having collected the single payment , in any of its forms, in the immediately preceding four years. Start the activity within a maximum period of one month from the resolution granting the single payment, and always on a date after the request. However, once the request has been made , the activity can be started and registered with Social Security before the payment is resolved.

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