We build the present, we consolidate the future

Iberaval focuses on the success achieved by the entrepreneurs it finances Entrepreneurs, work and perseverance. Thus we can summarize the journey of the vast majority of companies financed by Iberaval. Your success is also ours. And the results of the entrepreneurs, our best reward. Being the leading Guarantee Company in Spain entails a lot of responsibility. Contribute to supporting the creation or maintenance of more than , jobs , a huge satisfaction. Effort We talk about pride. Also thanks. Of recognition to those businessmen and women who build our present and our future based on work, determination and effort. They are our.

Large figures to which we must add

The , members who have made them possible. We are proud of each and every one, but we do not have physical space to combine in these lines their Kuwait Phone Number List career and know-how, but we can give examples. Three successful Castilian-Leonese businessmen participated in the Conference on Financial Instruments, organized by El Norte de Castilla and Iberaval . They are: Renata López, owner of ESLA Formación ; Fernando Rodríguez, owner and director of the hotel Sensaciones para Rememberar (La Fábrica del Canal) ; and Fernando Velasco, founding partner of . Future in sight The essence They are our Success ones.

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They give life to our streets, our cities

Our towns They take risks. With everything it implies. And it implies a lot: no less than % of employment in Spain. Being an entrepreneur is a life Italy Phone Number List project. It is having the vocation to create wealth , of course, for your family, but also for your collaborators and society in general. We have the obligation to put the value of companies and entrepreneurs into perspective. Our degree of development is linked to the entrepreneurial capacity of the society in which we live: our family, our neighbors, ourselves. Society is not an abstract entity. We are. Together we must create the necessary.

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