Mortgage relief: In which communities is it possible this year?

What is mortgage relief? First of all, it is necessary to clarify what mortgage relief entails . When we talk about which communities is the deduction for acquiring a habitual residence, we are referring to a tax benefit that offers the possibility of paying less for personal income tax (IRPF). This is a mortgage deduction that is applied to the expenses paid when purchasing a home, including the expenses contracted for financing. These costs will be deducted from the Personal Income Tax in the following year of the Income Tax Return. So, the deduction for purchasing a habitual residence is one of the largest discounts that can be accessed in the Income Tax return . However, the reality is that not everyone has the possibility of accessing the same type of deduction. The most important factors to determine it are: the year of purchase and the location of the home.

What amount will I be able to deduct from the mortgage?

The maximum amount to be deducted for a mortgage loan in the Income Tax Return is of the amounts paid in the year with a maximum of , euros. However, will be divided into two parts: state and regional. Taxpayers will have the Russia Phone Number List possibility of deducting, as a maximum, , euros in the Income Tax Return for the purchase of a primary residence. The regional section is , however, in Catalonia it rises to . Of course, to achieve this it will be necessary to meet one of the following requirements: These must be home purchases carried out before August They will have to be taxpayers who are under years old. You must have been unemployed for at least half of the income tax year of the current year. Have a degree of disability greater than . There must be at least one child in the family unit.

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On what expenses is it possible to apply the deduction for habitual residence?

Everything paid for the mortgage loan annually may be included . These are mortgage expenses that include the following: Mortgage payments. Mortgage commissions, that is, the opening commission, early repayment, novation, among Ivory Coast Phone Number List others. The cost of products associated with the mortgage , for example, life insurance, payment protection, among others. Early repayment of the mortgage. Expenses for modifying credit conditions. Registration cancellation expenses. Basque Country and Navarra The autonomous community in which the largest amount of mortgage expenses can be included as a deduction in the Income Tax Return is the Basque Country. In addition, it also incorporates extra expenses that may be included as a mortgage deduction in the Income Tax Return. These are incorporation expenses, sales expenses, including amounts paid in cash for the purchase of a property.

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