Self-employed and taxes: options and obligations

Self-employed people are options and obligations required to pay two types of taxes and periodically submit the corresponding declarations. We talk about self-employed people and taxes . You know it and you “suffer” it. One of the issues that causes the biggest headaches for the self-employed is taxation . Although many (most recommended) choose to delegate this facet to a professional advisor or manager , it is important to know, at least, fundamental aspects about the taxation of the main taxes , the expenses that you can and cannot deduct, and accounting If you are self-employed… You must be clear that you are obliged to pay two.

An amount is paid quarterly

And annually, the income tax return (form ) is submitted , and can be paid or returned.  Value Added Tax  indirect tax that taxes consumption and therefore falls on the final consumer. The self-employed person Benin Phone Number List or the SME act as intermediaries between the Treasury and the final consumer, since they must pay the Treasury the difference between thethat they have passed on and collected from their clients and thethey have borne on their purchases from suppliers. It is paid quarterly. Only in the case of carrying out your activity with a commercial company will you have to pay corporate tax instead of personal income tax. Self-employed and taxes Modules or direct estimation .

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The first thing we must take into

Modules or direct estimation) suits us best and if it is an option. Not all self-employed workers can contribute in modules , on the contrary, only those Germany Phone Number List whose activity is included in the ministerial order that regulates this regime can do so, such as commerce , hospitality, construction, transportation and hairdressers and salons. of beauty , to name the most notable. Self-employed people working Modules Additionally, the modules . They have the added advantage of less administrative complexity when it comes to accounting and business administration. Important: in the module system you pay a fixed quarterly fee that is result of the activity.

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