Daring SEO Strategies You Must Try This 2018

For our team at SEO Hacker, we have been able to help some of our biggest clients experience their highest search rankings, and even helped make their sites more accessible and user-friendly than ever. Their presence and visibility on the internet, which includes search engines and social media platforms, has greatly increased under our watch. Speaking of SEO strategies, it pays to be daring and risk-taking every once in a while..With that in mind, here are some daring SEO strategies that you must try this 2018.

Optimize Voice Search

Voice search has accounted for a good amount of total searches during the past year. In fact, voice searches have accounted for around 20% of all Australia Telegram Number Data kinds of internet searches in 2016, and that number could be just higher during the late parts of 2017. How to apply: A majority of voice search inquiries are questions, which means that your keywords must be long-tail and have to be actual sentences, as opposed to keywords that consist of phrases and a combination of related words. When it comes to your content, make sure that the question inquiry and the answers would be at the same page, as Google tends to favor those sites more, and ensures that users would be getting instant results.

Utilize More Long-Tail Keywords

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On the subject of long-tail keywords, these France Phone Number List have been known to generate less traffic compared to shorter keywords. Despite the less traffic, these long-tail keywords tend to have a better conversion rate.  With a lot of users opting to go for long-tail keywords, it is best to optimize your keywords to fit their needs. How to apply: Like every keyword, it is best to do some keyword research using tools like AHRefs or Semrush, which offers you some of the most accurate data with regards to keyword performance.

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