Google My Business No Longer Allows Former Employees

This time, the update now prevents former employees from posting negative reviews about the companies that once employed them. The Google My reason for this change is because of the new guidelines, which sees these kinds of reviews as conflict of interest. If you own or work at a place, please don’t review your own business or employer. Don’t offer or accept money, products, or services to write reviews for a business or to write negative reviews about a competitor. If you’re a business owner, don’t set up review stations or kiosks at your place of business just to ask for reviews written at your place of business.

Maps user contributed content is most valuable

Meanwhile, the policy on Google Maps also reflected the changes through their updated policies under restricted content: “ when it is honest and Belgium Telegram Number Data unbiased.  Posting negative content about a current or former employment experience. Posting negative content about a competitor to manipulate their ratings.” Employers can now request these reviews to be removed as well, which prevents their review scores from getting struck by these kinds of negative and troublesome reviews.

Third Party Reviews Another change

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This would encourage the more accurate and unbiased reviews that would be featured on Google My Business,that has been seen on Google My Georgia Phone Number List Business is that other than reviews from Google users, the site has also integrated third-party sites like, Expedia, and Agoda. This helps users be able to find more customer insight across the internet, which would help influence their decision. For businesses like restaurants and hotels, this comes in as a welcome addition, as these are where the bulk of internet reviews come from.

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