Alternative search engines to Google

We all know Google for being the number one search engine on the Internet , but many are unaware that there are other search engines. In this article we show you search engines that you probably didn’t know about and should know about. In the list of the most used search engines during , Google is in first place and is followed by Bing, Yandex, Yahoo! and Baidu. Maybe you already knew these, but there are more, many more. In fact, did you know that DuckDuckGo is the most private search engine out there ? This search engine is characterized by not tracking your search history at all. Something that very few search engines do. The reality is that there are many search engines with their particular characteristics . And, it can be very useful to know them all.

The most used search engines

These are the best-known search engines in the world after Google. Although there are some that are not so well known but are very good and have very interesting features. Bing Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and is the second most Finland Phone Number List used in the world . It is characterized by offering an image search where current trends are shown. Images can also be filtered based on their design, size and other characteristics. In addition, on the results you can see tabs with queries related to the searches you are doing. Yandex The Yandex search engine is one of the most used worldwide. It was created in Russia as an alternative to Google. It offers other services that complement its search engine, such as viewing live traffic maps, being able to store in the cloud, music and video platforms, and the option of email.

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Search Engines in Social Networks

These search engines give the possibility of searching on one or different social networks . This is very practical when you want to search for certain information on social networks from outside. Social Mention Social Mention gives the possibility of Israel Phone Number List searching on all types of social networks . Likewise, it is possible to search blogs, comments, events, etc. Keyhole The Keyhole search engine is used to search for keywords, hashtags, mentions and much more within social networks. You can also see if a URL has been shared within networks. This is very useful for tracking who shares your site or blog. Furthermore, with this search engine it is possible to analyze the impact it has on one or several social networks. Therefore, it is a tool widely used by community managers and digital marketing agencies.

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