Increase your website conversions with these simple steps

Maybe you’ve had your website for a while and are having a hard time getting conversions . This is something that happens to many people who are just starting out in e-commerce. Some get good traffic to their site, but no sales. The reality is that e-commerce is very competitive, so it is necessary to be updated so as not to be left behind. In addition, it is necessary to perform certain actions that generate more conversions . There is no point in having a site that generates many visits, but no sales. Therefore, it is important to get web traffic that generates conversions. Whether it’s selling products, getting emails, or signing up for a newsletter, conversions are the main goal. With this article we want you to know the different ways that exist to get visitors to carry out an action. If you follow these tips you can increase your conversions by %. Not bad, right? Let’s not waste any more time and get to what’s important.

Create effective popups

Using popups on a website can increase conversions effectively. It is a way to get the attention of visitors before they leave the site. It has been studied that the average cart abandonment rate is more than %. So using a pop-up window Czech Republic Phone Number List before they abandon the cart can make some change their mind and end up making the purchase. On the other hand, the bounce rate is based on measuring the number of people who visit a site and leave before converting. This can be easily measured with Google Analytics. Don’t worry if your bounce rate is too high, this can be easily changed. By using pop-ups you can lower the bounce rate. You can put it into practice to see short-term results. It is a very effective method on mobile devices. The use of pop-ups used correctly is very effective in achieving all types of conversions. It is used to sell a product, to get a form filled out or any other objective.

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Use countdown clocks

This technique gives very good results, since it encourages a site visitor to make a conversion. When you enter a site and see that there is a limited time offer that has a clock that counts down the time left, it gives you a feeling of rush. So you’re more likely Hungary Phone Number List to end up taking advantage of the promotion before it runs out. An online merchant can increase sales by more than % using this technique. In fact, the use of the countdown is what made eBay the great company it is today. It has been studied on a psychological level that this type of timer generates a feeling of urgency. So it is a technique that is used in different areas. There are different ways to add a timer to your website, one of the most used is tickcounter. On this site you can customize and adjust the clock to your liking and then add it to your website. It is completely safe, spam free.

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