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More than jobs in Spain if they obtain the financing they need employment. Small and medium-sized businesses, the self-employed, entrepreneurs  Everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, needs financing to start, consolidate or expand their business. It is a simple formula: without financing there are no SMEs and, without SMEs, there are no jobs . The figures are clear: if the , small and medium-sized companies achieved the financing they need, more than , new jobs would be created. The data is concrete and contrasted. They have been extracted from the “VIII Report on SME Financing in.

We contribute to job creation. Nothing less

The financing guaranteed by Iberaval to SMEs has a positive effect on the growth of companies We extracted the headline from the report “Evaluation of the economic and financial Denmark Phone Number List additionality of Iberaval” . An analysis carried out by four of the leading academic experts in guarantee systems . The document also highlights the relevance of Iberaval ‘s support in the financing and employment of SMEs. The availability of resources among small and medium-sized companies translates into an increase in turnover and, therefore, in job creation . Agreement According to the study, the companies that benefit from the guarantee granted.

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Recognition We work for you. So that your

Project becomes a reality. So that your SME consolidates. In order for your company to grow, develop, expand… We talk about management, leadership, “know-how.” Street Philippines Phone Number List full of people At Iberaval we know what we are talking about. Our capital is our professionals. We seek excellence . We have it and we are proud : “The general director of Iberaval, Pedro Pisonero, awarded Best Company Manager in Castilla y León, within the framework of the VI Best Manager Awards from the magazine Castilla y León Económica.” The organization has highlighted that, in the years it has led Iberaval , “it has positioned itself as the first guarantee.

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