Inside the mind of the consumer or Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing Inside the mind  delves into the consumer and measures their emotions It seems like science fiction but Neuromarketing is a reality that the most leading companies in sales have been betting on for years . Many have  that. In addition to good information and a good brand image, it is vital to connect emotionally with the consumer so that they feel with the organization . To do this, you have to read the minds of consumers and this is where Neuromarketing has made its way . Have you ever bought something without knowing why? It has to all of us at some point. Shopping provokes.

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Help them sell more thanks to its measurements and analysis of the emotions of their consumers. What is Neuromarketing Neurosales can be as the science that studies Iceland Phone Number List the way the public reacts to a sales campaign and how they behave in response to it. Specifically. How the recipient’s brain reacts before, during and after purchasing the product or service you are trying to sell. The analysis of the consumer’s reaction is on the emotions that the advertisement provokes , the attention they to the publication and the ability they have to retain the information that comes to them. These studies help the company to get closer to the subconscious of its consumers.

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In this way, by knowing your impulses, you will

Able to anticipate your purchasing decisions almost with complete certainty . Thanks to these techniques, it is known that % of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously . Although you Qatar Phone Number List think it is a novelty in the business world, the truth is that it has since the beginning of . The Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Ale Smidts , was the first to use this term . But it was not until Harvard professor Garry Zaltman became in it that it began to be and  more deeply  Neuromarketing Three types of Neuromarketing Auditory It is on using sounds to evoke certain feelings in the consumer so that the customer.

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