Iberaval: financing manual

How. Why and for what purpose Iberaval contributes to the creation and consolidation of your business project Today it’s time to talk about the financing manual . Financing is one of the main milestones in the start-up or consolidation of a business project . Open a new business . Expand an existing one. Internationalize , invest in capital goods.Digitalize . Hire new employees … Small and medium-sized businesses. Self-employed people and entrepreneurs live in constant evolution. Carrying out the goals that each person sets for their business requires support. A professional collaboration that clears a path, already full of difficulties. Getting.

Iberaval We are a Guarantee Company

Financial entity that is dedicated to providing SMEs and the self-employed with access to financing appropriate to their needs through direct guarantees . Furthermore, along with the facilities to obtain financing. Iberaval also offers advice. Financial training and business Cayman Islands Phone Number List promotion tailored to the needs of each project. We are transparent . Our activity is subject to the supervision and inspection of the Bank of Spain and supported by institutions such as CERSA or the are, at the same time, the beneficiaries of the guarantee. Protective partners : public administrations, chambers of commerce and associations and credit institutions.

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Money to finance Advantages We

Provideand the self-employed with the necessary guarantee to access the financing necessary for their projects. We act as an intermediary with the Hong Kong Phone Number List banking entity, obtaining better financing conditions in terms of terms and interest rates. We have the support of experts in financing SMEs and self-employed workers willing to advise you throughout the entire process. euro bills Benefit To SMEs and self-employed workers: with Iberaval , SMEs and self-employed workers access the financing they need, negotiate better conditions and, in addition, receive expert advice throughout the process. Financial entities: With the endorsement of the viability of its. 

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