How to do local SEO to attract new clients

Small businesses manage to reach the top search positions thanks to local positioning If you are the owner of a local business and you have a website where you display all your services or products and you want to improve your local positioning in the Google ranking , the Iberaval post that you have before you will interest you. You may have heard about web positioning and think that it is only for large companies. But this year it won’t be like that anymore. Almost % of Internet searches are local. Furthermore, the vast majority are done from mobile phones. So Google has to give a boost to small businesses and has SEO is one of the best ways to attract clients.

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This is because the search engine first presents the user with the options closest Czech Republic Phone Number List to the site from which they are searching . With a good local positioning strategy , your potential consumer will be easier to reach . Remember, Google always seeks to be relevant and useful in its searches. The importance of local SEO What is local positioning and how can it help me? Local SEO refers to web positioning on the user’s location at that moment . It is built from a group of techniques that increase the visibility of a web page taking location into account. The ultimate goal is for a business that has a physical In fact, it is a good way to gain positions in Google.

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Establish themselves in smaller cities . The strategy must also be to the scale on which our business operates . If our clientele belongs to the locality , it should be more particularly than if our company India Phone Number List sells to other cities or countries . Without forgetting that competition can appear anywhere and steal part of our client portfolio. The objectives that are mainly when using local SEO are: Attract local customers Make yourself known to a local audience Increase sales in a specific geographic area More local SEO Benefits of local SEO When our company does not.

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