Protected housing: the government reviews the interest on this type of loan

What is protected housing? When we talk about protected housing we are referring. To homes that were reviews the interest built in Spanish territory and that also comply with design and quality regulations. This is a regulation that may vary depending on the Autonomous Community in which the protect housing is built. Therefore, for a home to be considered protected. The autonomous community in which it is must verify that it meets certain requirements . These are maximum dimensions, design, habitability, destination, use, quality and maximum price (for sale or rent). The way to verify this is through the provisional qualification of the project and subsequent definitive qualification of the already completed home. In exchange, the developer obtains aid from the state and the autonomous communities that compensate for the limitation on the maximum price at which they can be sold or.

Different types of protected housing

When talking about protected housing, the term VPO (officially housing) is generally as a global concept. However, the reality is that this is not correct. The reason is that there are more types of Netherlands Mobile Number List housing than VPOs. This is why it is correct to talk about publicly protect housing or protected housing. VPO is housing under state law . However, there are also more types of homes that are protect by the autonomous communities. These are not considered VPO, they have different names depending on the autonomous community in which they are built. Depending on the type of protection that the home has, the maximum price will be set . It can be a purchase or the maximum monthly rent in the case of rental . In addition, the income level of the person who can buy it and the aid to which they will be entitl will be.

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The government reviews the interest on mortgages for protected housing

The Council of Ministers has approv the review and modification of the current annual interest rates for subsidiz housing loans. Currently, these rates range from to , varying according to the housing plan under which Kenya Phone Number List they were grant. To be exact, for the loans that were provid within the framework of the program of the – Housing Plan, the interest rate was establish at . On the other hand, for those in the. Housing Plan the rate is . Finally, for those who were framed within the – Housing Plan it will be . With this review, which will be carri out in accordance with the reference indices that were publish by the Bank of Spain, the new rates are below that applicable to a free market mortgage , at variable interest, which is going to be review, as well This has been indicat by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

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