Google Images Update Removes View Image and Image Search

Two months into 2018, Google has been rolling out a slew of updates into their services. All of these updates aim to improve the user experience, and help make Google and its services much more reliable and efficient. Google Images is one of the most popular services that Google has to offer, and the latest update may prove to be divisive for most users. The newest Google update removes the “View Images” feature, which allows users to be able to access an image without the need to access the website that contains it. This feature has provided convenience to its users, as they can use Google Images as a massive image providing platform that offers the widest variety.

Google-Images-Update What is the new Google Images Update

Image search has also been removed as well. However, users would still be able to do a reverse image search on the website to look for Sweden Phone Number Data images sources. The accusation was that Google was promoting image piracy by giving users an easier way to access multiple images. What Does This Mean? With the removal of the “View Image” button, users, must now search for the image, access the website where it came from, and download the image from there. While this will leave some users dissatisfied, this is one way to prevent rampant image piracy across the internet. There have been numerous cases in which images from the internet are copied and altered without the permission of the owner, and this would cause more trouble than it’s worth.

SEO Implications Seeing that users must access

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We tried it out ourselves to see if we would be able to access the image through a website. I searched for an image of a sandwich, and see if I would be Cyprus Phone Number List able to access the website it came from, along with being able to find the image. Google-Images-Update-View Google-Images-Update-View-Site I was able to access the image, along with the image source, which gives me a nice Italian sandwich recipe that looks delicious and healthy. While this may be accurate on certain sites, there have been numerous issues when it comes to certain images and websites. There are instances that websites do not contain the image within the website, while some websites are malicious and may harm your computer.

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