Keep the Pace Preparing for the Google Speed Update

There are a variety of ways to lower loading times, which include using WordPress tools, along with some effective site optimization techniques that keep things fast and smooth. Having a fast loading website helps improve your search rankings in Google, as they take in page speed as one key element. Mobile usage has also been on a steady upward trend, and emphasis on mobile-first usage is key to gaining more traffic. With that in mind, one of the major upcoming updates arriving this year is the Google Speed Update.  As announced by Google themselves, the Google Speed Update aims to improve page loading speeds, and use it as another ranking factor in mobile searches.

What is the Google Speed Update

Page loading speed has been a desktop ranking factor since 2010, and it is about time that it has been implemented on mobile search results. Once a Switzerland Phone Number Data niche option that is available on mobile devices, mobile websites and search results now occupy a high amount of traffic on the internet, with today’s devices becoming more sophisticated and capable of performing the same amount of functions as a personal computer. This, along with the improving internet connectivity across the world, make mobile devices the most convenient platform to access the internet. With Google seeing the increased mobile usage in the past few years, they want to ensure that users would be able to have a good experience accessing mobile website.

This led to the Speed Update

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With the Google Speed update, users would expect better performing pages, and for more SEO companies to focus on their mobile optimization Czech Republic Phone Number List efforts more keenly. This gives you a good amount of time to be able to optimize your mobile webpages, and make sure that it performs well enough by the time loading speed becomes a ranking factor. Here are some of the most effective methods to help you optimize your mobile site for the upcoming update. Apply AMP Websites that use AMP have been increasing in number, largely due to the fact that it improves overall page performance, while making it more accessible to mobile users.

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