Mortgage for a house already built or off plan: What are the differences?

Without a doubt, buying a home is not easy, especially for the youngest. Who really find it difficult to have the necessary savings to even access a mortgage. Remember that, to apply for a mortgage loan. You must have a minimum savings of of the value of the home, in addition to an extra destin to pay expenses and taxes. Because of how difficult this becomes for younger people, it is common for housing seekers to look for alternative options. Buying an off-plan home Among these alternative options is the purchase of an off-plan home. When we talk about off-plan housing we are referring to houses that are still a project. In other words, they have not yet been built. This is an option that gives you the possibility of paying the. Down payment little by little while the property is being built . In this way, you will be able to save for the payment of taxes and expenses.

How to apply for a mortgage for an already built house?

In case you are looking for an already built house and, after visiting it, you decide that it is the ideal option for you, you must follow a series of steps to apply for the mortgage . Here we will tell you what the usual process is to access a Slovenia Phone Number List mortgage to buy an already built house: Compare the different mortgage offers on the market. Request financing from the bank. Deliver the documentation by the bank. You will have to pay the provision of funds. Perform the notarial test to sign the mortgage, this is the transparency act. Sign the mortgage and sale. However, when applying for a mortgage loan to purchase a home, you must keep in mind that the bank will only grant you of the value of the home. This means that you must have savings that cover the remaining . Don’t forget for expenses and taxes. In short, this is the usual way if you want to buy an already built house , whether it is a second-hand home or a new one.

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How to apply for a mortgage for an off-plan house?

If you are interest in a new construction housing project that. Will be carri out in the area you want to live in the future. However, you should know that, in this case, the home purchasing process is different. Since the apartment has not yet Lithuania Phone Number List been built . Here are the steps that should usually be followe when buying an off-plan home: Pay an advance as a deposit. It is generally between , and , euros. After signing the purchase and sale contract. Of the total price must be paid , this includes the deposit that you have previously paid. This will depend on the developer’s payment . Once the construction of the home is complete, the will have been paid. When the developer delivers the built home, you will have to go to the bank to request financing. You will have to gradually deliver of the value of the house off plan.

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