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The professional network, in Spain, is one of the most used social networks, exceeding million users Today we will talk about Linkedin applied to companies When designing a digital communication strategy, few companies stop to analyze whether it is really convenient for them to have a presence on social networks. Or, at least, in the most popular ones ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram …) In any case, we were talking about it a few weeks ago , with the statistics in hand and being objective, the most logical thing is to think that ignoring social networks today is not an option. This time we focus on LinkedIn: Objectively, the largest professional network in the world. And the one with the best growth expectations. Global showcase million users around the world and.

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Environment. LinkedIn is an ideal network to get clients , without a doubt, a primary objective for freelancers and small businesses . Satisfied users, who write positively about our organization, are a way to attract clientele. LinkedIn logo Know how Its system allows us to interact with Japan Phone Number List influential brands for our business: influencers . Furthermore, thanks to the countless classified groups that exist, we have the possibility of learning from other companies or professionals in our sector or any other. This mutual enrichment also occurs when we participate in discussion groups. Or when we participate in forums on the subject of our business or work environment. In addition, the LinkedIn search engine facilitates the creation of strategic alliances between SMEs or freelancers in a certain field, or from a certain city or region.

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Social network, allows us to find the most suitable profile to incorporate into our work team. There is no doubt that SMEs and the self-employed obtain invaluable help by being actively present on a professional network such as LinkedIn . Along with the benefits of any other social Cambodia Phone Number List network (increase in clients, generation of feed-back with our target , visibility there are the particular advantages of a platform that offers us everything from training to business alliances or even both the supply and demand of professionals. is that they must select their activities to obtain a rate that allows them to support themselves financially. Tools Social networks help you find a job if you are young. In fact, they have made their way among young people to the point of being part of their daily lives, so much.

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