How to find a job when you are young

More than half of those under years of age opt for private employment We talked today about how to find a job when you are young… The end of university studies puts young people in doubt about what to do in their future work . % prefer employment in private companies. Meanwhile would prefer to start their own startup and up to would prefer to work as a freelancer . Furthermore, the study carried out by the portals Universia and reveals that a third of this youth sector looking for employment would opt for the public sector. Only % would like to have a position in a non-governmental organization Search for opportunities The objectives of the first jobs upon graduation are very varied. From gaining experience to saving to continue.

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That allows them to gain experience. But, also, stay in it to achieve a long professional career in the time that allows them to fulfill themselves. A tenth of those surveyed responded that their purpose in that first job after university studies was to obtain savings that would allow them Hong Kong Phone Number List to continue their training in specialized courses, master’s degrees and postgraduate degrees. Young workers Startups the new SMEs A startup could be defined as a new company that has great future aspirations and very high growth potential , that is, a scalable business model . In general, the term startup usually refers to companies with a strong examples of this type of emerging businesses at the national and international level.

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Google, Twitter or Tuenti began as startups

Time they increased their profits exponentially, until they became fully established companies. Although they are fashionable and seem easy to carry, the truth is that a large part of startups die within months or years of starting given the high level of involvement and Brazil Phone Number List support they need. A study reported in the Wall Street Journal highlights that three out of four startups financed by venture capital are not able to return the amount borrowed. A young worker looks at her cell phone Freelancers The most widespread image of freelancers is that of a person who works on their own for third parties with a flexible schedule model and who carries out a large part of their work activity from home . Despite this widespread.

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