SMEs and late payment: scare or death

The financial cost of late payment in the Spanish productive fabric exceeds million euros with almost of SMEs with invoices pending collection Today we will address two sometimes interrelated concepts, late payments and  . It is always scary, but on many occasions, too many times, it also means death … We are talking, of course, about corporate death. Closing. Liquidation. The impact of late payments on SMEs is a serious problem. Non -payment of invoices is one of the great challenges that a company can face. Before, during and after. It is an endemic evil that is difficult to solve. Prevent before cure… It is a cliché, but true. Both in our business and personal future. No one is exempt from falling into financial problems that prevent them from paying their bills. Nobody. Delinquency attacks companies in different ways. SMEs are those that, due to their size, can offer the worst resistance.

We must bear in mind that delays in

Are financed by the SME itself and, ultimately, if a non-payment occurs , we lose the investment, the cost of the work and the profit margin . If this Canada Phone Number List circumstance is repeated… we stay on the road. size issue They are facts. We all know some cases. In the self-employed group , micro , unpaid invoices can lead to closure, especially if most of the income is concentrated in just a few clients. If one of them is late with its payments, if it places a lower volume of orders, or if it simply fails and stops placing orders, the entire financial structure of the company will be compromised. Activity Some companies in certain sectors have very specific collection and payment cycles . It is easy to see it when the business plan is drawn up . It may be the case that collection cycles are shorter than.

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In short: if a client does not pay on time, the

Chain is compromised, and if there is no cash-flow or an economic reserve , the company can go directly bankrupt for the simple reason that it can no longer Belgium Phone Number List continue financing itself. Expenses and costs Every time a company does not charge when due, it assumes two types of economic losses: The first consists of having to advance the costs and expenses derived from the product or service sold. The second involves not collecting the benefits that you would have had if you had closed the sale, that is, what is known as the sales margin ; especially for companies that have a reduced commercial margin . The interest Every time a company suffers late payments from its customers, it is costing them money. Even in the event that the company does not have.

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