The National Institute of Statistics confirms that the mortgage market has stagnated

What is the National Institute of Statistics? First of all, we must clarify what the. National Institute of Statistics (INE) is. This is an organization that is responsible for producing the country’s official statistics. The statistics it provides are very useful, fundamentally, they serve as support for the State to implement public policies for the benefit of the population. February Mortgage Statistics on the mortgage market Data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) confirm the stoppage of the mortgage market. According to the INE, the number of mortgages that were register on homes during February fell by when compared to the same period last year. This means that the slight increase in registrations in January was only generat by credits formaliz in December or November that had not yet been registered.

A smaller number of deeded and registered mortgages

The total number of mortgage loans that were register in the. Property Registry was, according to the INE, , This is less than a year ago and less than in January However , it is not the first time. That the number of mortgages register has Sweden Phone Number List decreas in recent months. In December, the registration of home mortgages decreased by compar to the same period in It is necessary to remember that the Mortgage Statistics of the National Statistics Institute collects the number of mortgage loans that were register in the Property Registry. This means that the credits register in February were contract before a notary in January, December and November, since the registration process after the deed can last one, two or even three months. The data from the notaries gives us the possibility of giving us a better idea of ​​which way the mortgage market is heading.

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Fixed rate loans: they are chosen despite rate increases

The INE has published other data in addition to the reduction in registrations , which is important to take into account. Among them, it has been reported that fixed mortgages maintain their hegemony within the mortgage market. This is a Thailand Phone Number List fact, taking into account that banking entities. Chose to make them significantly more expensive in recent months. To understand it better, currently its average rate is approximately , on the other hand, a year ago it was below . According to the National Institute of Statistics, of home mortgage loans. That were registered in February had a fixed interest rate . On the other hand, the remaining had a variable interest rate. This last percentage also includes mixed rate mortgages. The percentage of fixed mortgages decreased slightly if we compare it with the month of January (). However, it was higher than that of the previous months of December and November.

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