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Protecting your brand can be crucial for small and medium-sized businesses. Today we will talk about the registered trademark . It may seem ambitious, but creating a brand should be a priority objective when starting a company . It is an effort that imprints character, since it indicates an aspiration for identity and transcendence. Trademark registration is a recommended action for both the present and the future. It is an option that allows SMEs to distinguish themselves in the market . Likewise, to differentiate its products and services, and have an exclusive right over them. Registration can basically prevent others from using.

When creating the company, we are

To previously obtain a favorable certification from the central Commercial Registry that includes its name. This is how the first steps are taken to protect a company’s trademark . This certification corroborates South Korea Phone Number List that there is no company with the same name. Taking a photograph Patent office To apply for a trademark you must go to the Patent and Trademark Office in person or you can also complete the process electronically . Before requesting it, it is advisable to carry out a search to ensure that there is no previous trademark that is the same or very similar. For this purpose, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office¬† has databases on its website such as a trademark locator. Furthermore, nowadays it is essential to protect our brand.

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Government action It is not a trivial matter

Last December, the Council of Ministers itself approved the modification of the Trademark Law to adapt to the European directive and facilitate China Phone Number List the registration of self-employed workers and SMEs. With this action, the aim was to increase the protection of national brands and advance the fight against counterfeits. The Law, which came into force on January 14 of this year, indicates the urgency that the Administration gives to this registry for clear reasons companies that own trademarks in Spain provide of nvestment i. Writer at her workplace Guarantee Thanks to this modification, the owner.

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