International SEO Things You Need to Know

Along with working with some of the most well-known and established clients in the Philippines, but also clients from different parts of the world. SEO has helped branch people of different cultures and backgrounds together, with the goal of doing good business that would benefit both parties. This kind of business just shows how big SEO can be in the near future. When it comes to doing business with international clients, there are some aspects of SEO that you would have to do differently compared to doing local SEO. Here are the things that you need to know if you are thinking of doing international SEO.

Doing your homework

One of the first things that you need to do when starting with international SEO is to do some research on your client beforehand. You can take Iran Phone Number Data a look at their website and run a website audit and review by using tools like Woorank and Google Lighthouse, which would give you a general idea of how well your client’s website is performing. Woorank International SEO Sample The next step is to do some keyword research to look into possible keywords that can bring in traffic to their website. Keep in mind that the language of these keywords will tend to be foreign, so it is best to study up on their language to make sure that you’re getting them right. A look into Google Trends can help you track some of the most popular keyword in the area as well.

Getting a domain

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One international SEO fundamental that you must do is to acquire a domain from country that your client is from, or planning to do business on. International Cambodia Phone Number List domains will allow their website to be able to become more visible in their country’s search engines. Of course, another issue here would be domain availability, as there might be a chance that your domain might be taken by another website in that country. Woorank ccTLD Thankfully, you can use Woorank to look for the available ccTLD’s (Country Code Top Level Domain) which you can register. While using subdomains and subdirectories might be easier to maintain compared to using ccTLD’s, but will not give you the same amount of reach on search engines. Foreign expansion? When doing international SEO, it can mean different things for your client.

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