Assessing Site Safety and Page Loading Speed

These tools have helped us bring in more efficient results that enable websites to perform better. Speaking of website Assessing Site performance, we here at SEO Hacker ensure that we make sure that loading speed and user experience would remain at optimal levels, as these are ranking factors that help get you to the first page of Google’s search results.  Thankfully, Google has the tools that would give you a quick, yet detailed look at your website’s performance, from checking the loading speed, to assessing website security.

Google Lighthouse Chrome Extension

As we have discussed in one of our previous articles, the Google Lighthouse Chrome Extension is one of the most effective website review tools Lebanon Phone Number Data that provide you a detailed report on the website just by entering the URL.Google Lighthouse Summary The reviews and analysis are based on Google’s ten major ranking factors, which means that you are getting the best kind of data. The different categories present you with passed and failed audits, along with suggestions on how to improve your website’s performance. These categories include Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

Transparency Report

Phone Number Data

Assimple as it is, this is a tool that would offer you a first glimpse into your website’s safety.In today’s world where it seems that any form of internet Bulgaria Phone Number List security can be breached, it is best to keep it in check and be prepared. Transparency Report This is where Google’s Transparency Report comes in, Which is a tool that helps you find any form of malicious software in your website to ensure that you would be able to respond to it and find quick and effective solutions. Using the tool is just simple, as you only have to enter the website URL to be able to find out the results.

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