Key Activities in the Canvas Model

Moving forward in our Canvas, it is time to talk about the key activities. When we talk about these activities, just as we have seen other elements of the Canvas Model, you must keep in mind that they form an essential part of your business. Throughout this text I will go through some interesting details about the key activities, for now it is enough to know that they are a priority piece of your daily life. Businesses that try to solve the needs of their clients, who need a specific response , can be frame here . Think about service companies, consultancies of all kinds, dental or veterinary clinics… Some of the main points that must be addresse within these organizations are adequate information management and continuous training of employees.

What are the key activities in Canvas?

Within the Business Model Canvas , key activities are the highest priority actions to keep your business on track appropriately. There are different types, management, operation, categories, etc.; and they will be useful both to create Cameroon Phone Number List your value proposition and to improve your income or maintain a better relationship with customers. In short, what you have to know is that, if these actions are not carri out correctly, your business may be doom to failure. Therefore, you must keep your employees and partners properly inform, since they will also be an essential part of the correct functioning of the machinery.

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Types of key activities

Production It is time to differentiate the activities of some companies and others with this system, looking at the production activities . These are those that refer to the design, manufacturing or distribution of a product. As you can imagine, manufacturing Nepal Phone Number List companies are within this group. Platform and network The key activities of this type of company are usually technological, since software or an application is the main tool of the company. From here, we work in a special way on both the provision of the service and the management and promotion of the platform.

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