Key Resources in the Canvas Model

We continue to advance in the Canvas Model and now it is time to address the key resources . This will allow your company to create a value proposition adapted to your customers , being able to offer something that becomes. A better relationship with them and a constant generation of income. Implementing these key resources can be a success for your organization , providing the necessary stability. To continue with our Canvas Canvas, we will have to carry out a detailed analysis of the objectives we have set, as well as the characteristics The first thing you need to know is that all key resources can be created, acquired, rented or borrowed.

What are the key resources in the Canvas Model?

As I was saying, the key resources are those that will allow you to create a clear value proposition. Meet the requests of the different customer segments or make the final delivery of the product. They can be tangible or intangible, and are an Austria Phone Number List essential foundation for your business to function. Within the Canvas, the Canvas resources. Will help you define the materials you need, the people who should be part of your staff or the most useful equipment. If these are quality key resources, it will improve the company’s profitability. Something you should keep in mind, for example, is that knowing your key resources and knowing how to manage them will help you at a time of important growth. Being aware of the capabilities and limitations will allow you to provide coverage to your clients and satisfy their demand. As I already pointed out a little above.

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Key Resource Types

Canvas’s key resources can be part of four different groups: financial, human, physical and intellectual . If you have previously completed the previous Canvas Canvas modules, you will already know your value proposition. Your clients or Oman Phone Number List the relationship you will seek with them , among others, so it will be organic to continue. Financial or economic resources Within financial resources, both cash and lines of credit can be defined , as well as the possibility of offering shares to employees. All companies must have key resources at an economic level. But there will be some in which they are more relevant or, directly, their main business: you just have to look at the banks. To give another less obvious example, think of an automobile manufacturer. Its key resources will be in the assembly or design, but there is an important one in terms of economics.

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