Internet Day is celebrated all over the world

May has become the official Internet Day is day to celebrate the appearance of the Internet in our lives For Internet Day is  more than a decade, Internet Day has been worldwide every May . A strange celebration for many and one that we will describe today on the blog. More than % of Spaniards use the Internet daily, you could say that this is their day too. Whether for work , entertainment or connecting with friends and family, the Internet has become essential in our lives. And, it does not stop growing, we increasingly apply the Internet in more areas of our daily lives . Its advantages are innumerable and the changes that influence our lives.

Day was celebrated in Spain

Of the Association of Internet Users and the Internet Society. On this day, more than events were throughout the territory and two hundred Panama Phone Number List companies this festivity. In just under a month, the  Nations , motivated by the Information Society Summit , declard May as Internet Day or Telecommunications Day. With this official day they expose the importance that the Internet has taken on in our lives in the last decade. Today a form of communication or information totally unrelated to the Internet would be unthinkable . Plus, sometimes it’s really hard to understand how we.

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Tries to encourage both users and companies

To participate . To achieve this, workshops, presentations and competitions are organized, among many other actions. All the proposed activities try to commemorate the Lebanon Phone Number List appearance of the Internet and the fact that not all parts of the world can access it so easily . In much of Spain , we are used to the network connecting us easily and quickly . But we must not forget that this is not the case in all places . Without going any further, next year the European Union will subsidize up to Spanish towns with a completely free Wi-Fi network. smart watch From military origin to everyday use The Internet network was created with central computer and were vulnerable.

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