The new advertising bargain: nanoinfluencers

The triumph of normal people on social networks makes its way into advertising After the rise of influencers , nanoinfluencers arrive . The new bargain of advertising on social networks . Today on the Iberaval blog we will describe this brand new advertising phenomenon. Have you ever looked on the Internet to see what people think of a product after a stunning model had announced it? And you trusted what people like you said more than the advertisement itself, right? That’s what this story is about. It is a universal truth that social networks have changed the advertising paradigm . Thanks to them, companies have a much easier.

They are mainly dedicated to creating content

For their followers and advising products and services for which they are paid . The traditional advertising Senegal Phone Number List model in which a celebrity made an advertisement has moved to social networks . Currently, it is these influencers who are in charge of advertising and who receive a salary in return. However, the audience is increasingly asking for more real content and not so clearly advertising. And this is where nanoinfluencers come into play , much cheaper brand ambassadors , with fewer followers , but with great power of influence. selfie influencer What is a nanoinfluencer The boundaries between.

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The nanoinfluencer recommends products

Services as a hobby , not as a profession as is the case with influencers . In this way, your followers see you as a friend who recommends a specific product. They are people with profiles that Malaysia Phone Number List deal with very specific topics over which they have great mastery . They are normal , everyday people who feel great passion for a specific topic and who share it on their networks. These types of influencers are a bargain for brands . In exchange for a publication they can receive between and euros . Nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands that some large influencer publications reach . On many occasions they are not even.

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