Ovetto: designer trash can

Finding a space in the kitchen to sort household garbage is sometimes an impossible mission. On the market there are many models of the classic garbage can , with several compartments. They are usually designed to hide in the usual place, but of course… now they no longer fit there. As you will surely have to leave your recycling bins visible, you can now do it in style. On the market there is, a designer trash can. Ovetto is a revolutionary garbage and recycling container . Its name refers to the Italian word used for “egg”, due to its peculiar oval shape. This innovative product offers a playful and sculptural alternative to conventional containers. It has three compartments specifically designed to facilitate the classification of waste and recyclable garbage.

Ovetto Cube Designs. Since it continues to evolve

But the design of the Ovetto cube is not from today, as its origins date back to At that time it was made of recycled polypropylene . The original version used the color standard of the containers that we eventually Pakistan Phone Number List use on the street. Although there was also an almost completely white version. Over time, multiple versions have been added, depending on the finish and colors. Below we summarize the different collections of Ovetto cubes. This name is used by the manufacturer to refer to the original Ovetto. There are three options in it: White , Black (the hatches), and Amico . The latter uses the three-color standard, but only on the circular hatches. Ovetto Lacoque cubes are made of recycled ABS and recycled polypropylene, weighing up to kg.

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Completely white model

Friend . In reality, this is the model that most resembles the original version that came out in It is a white design, but with touches of color. Both the front of the compartments and the hatches are colored in yellow, green, and blue. That way it Cameroon Phone Number List is very easy to know where to leave each waste. Personalized White . It is a white model that can be customized with all doors and portholes in green, blue, yellow, or black. Special Bundle . It is a special White edition, which comes with a set of stickers. In this way it is distinguished which garbage goes to each compartment of the bin. Ovetto cube with sticker Cubo Ovetto Special Bundle special bundle Ovetto cube stickers Stickers for hatches All these ABS models cost €, except for the Special Bundle.

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