Participate as a collaborator in a radio program

After the summer they offered me to participate as a collaborator in the Companies with Impact program on Capital Radio. He had never participated as a collaborator in a radio or television program. Yes, I am present in the media on a regular basis , either because they ask me for information or help when writing some news about competitiveness and innovation in the company or because they allow me to give my opinion on certain topics. But being a collaborator was something else, it was a responsibility every week. And I like. So I have left the collaboration in the program and will soon start my own program . It will also be on Capital Radio and will be call: At the bar counter. But I’ll talk to you about all that when I have it in more detail.

Other things that have come into my life and I have let go

Cryptocurrencies In I had the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies and I didn’t do it. Look, if there’s one thing I’m clear about, especially since a few years ago when I had a very bad experience with a powerful investment I had made, it’s that I’m Greece Phone Number List not going to invest anything in something I don’t understand. And this happens to me with cryptocurrencies. One of the things that catches my attention the most is that it is said that with cryptocurrencies you eliminate the middleman and you are not expos to inflation. However, to operate in the crypto market you have to trust the Bitcoin block network and/or any other virtual currency, which in traditional currency would be the United States Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank. But also, on many occasions you have to go to a third party (Wallet) which is the one who makes it easy for you to buy.

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Poor communication in the pandemic

The pandemic has left many psychological consequences on people . Many. And the data indicates it. When all this started at the beginning of , it was normal that the priority was physical health , and based on that all the decisions Iran Phone Number List were made, some of which were right, but the majority, in my opinion, were wrong. But not because of the decision itself, but because of what it meant for the people who had to comply with it. When a company has to face a crisis, it generally doesn’t help to stick your head in the sand and push the wrinkle forward. Well, that’s exactly what was done with the pandemic. Are useless. Masks are highly recommend. Masks are mandatory. You can’t go by car with your family, but you can go on a plane with others. The vaccine eradicates the virus. We have to get the fourth dose of the vaccine.

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