Key Partners or Associations in the Canvas Model

For the next Canvas module we will cover key associations and how they affect your business. This is the time to define the partners and suppliers that will help you make your company work at its best. Therefore, they are essential for your key activities. To be carried out and for you to show and deliver your value proposition to niche customers. Any association of this type is not a ‘Let’s see if we meet up. The relevant legal documents must be signed , rights and obligations. Established through a professional and laying clear foundations. The key partners that you establish within the Canvas Model will give you the opportunity to obtain different benefits, improving the functioning of your company and reaching places that you would not be able to without them.

What are the key associations in the Canvas Model

As I summarized above, key associations are those that will allow. You to develop your activity to shape your value proposition . It is important that you are able to understand the value of others, to be able to ally yourself with them and not lose Estonia Phone Number List your focus on what you really master and that forms the essence of your business. Therefore, all these partnerships that help you outsource what is not essential but necessary should be included in this module. Of course, you must differentiate the usual relationships that you can have with a supplier from those that are true alliances . Now I will give you some keys to what a key partner means. What to look out for in key partnerships In most cases, especially when we talk about BB, companies are nothing more than a link in the chain that develops a product or service for the end consumer.

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Positive impact on the end customer

You must also be clear about what the result. Will be (at least, the expected result) when you form an alliance of this type. Working together with this new partner must have an impact on your client. So try to measure and analyze the situation Latvia Phone Number List before and after. Agility in decision making As I told you, you can have some initial ideas about an association that. Later do not come to fruition. Or the business model has changed and it is no longer a key partner. Therefore, you must approach this issue with candor and determination. Monitoring the results and deciding what is best for your business. Sharing expectations Before starting to work together, you must define what you expect from each other . This will be the first step to see if you really get what you were looking for and if the end client benefits.

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